Our Coaches

Meet our exceptional coaches at EarthFit, each fueled by a passion for empowering clients on their unique fitness journeys. From Zack’s boundless enthusiasm and humor to Lee’s wealth of experience in sport and exercise science, and Caroline’s outdoor-loving dedication to improving health and fitness, our diverse team is dedicated to providing personalized support and expert guidance for your transformational experience.

Lee Powell

Meet Lee Powell, the passionate owner and coach at EarthFit Habersham. Hailing from Wales, UK, Lee's journey in fitness started with a full soccer scholarship in Georgia, where he captained the team in his first season. His dedication to helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals led him to pursue a career in personal training and coaching soccer in Augusta, GA. As his expertise grew, he continued to expand his knowledge at Shaping Concepts in Charleston, SC, and later pursued a Master's degree in Sport & Exercise Science in the UK while working with professional soccer clubs' Sports Science departments.

Lee's drive for excellence is further showcased by his creation of HITCAMP, a thriving group fitness business offering indoor and outdoor classes. Now, back in SC with his young family, Lee's newest challenge involves calisthenics, where he passionately performs feats like human flags, front levers, and planches.


Meet Caroline Cook Waters, the enthusiastic EF Coach at EarthFit, hailing from Beaufort. As a competitive cheerleader during high school, Caroline discovered her drive to push herself physically, understanding that building strength and endurance elevated her performance in competitions. Her love for the gym blossomed during college, where she programmed her own workouts and shared her fitness journey on social media.

Caroline's dedication to health and fitness led her to pursue a degree in Exercise Science and Psychology at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. During an internship, she confirmed her passion for helping others improve their well-being by training both adults and young athletes.

When not at EarthFit, Caroline can be found embracing her love for the outdoors, engaging in activities like running, fishing, boating, or enjoying the ambiance of a local coffee shop (City Java). Continuously driven to enhance her knowledge in the fitness industry, she seeks opportunities for further education to better serve her clients.

With Caroline's vibrant energy and commitment to growth, EarthFit is proud to have her as an invaluable asset, guiding and inspiring clients on their path to wellness.


Meet Zack, a Beaufort, SC native whose passion for sports and fitness was ignited from a young age. His journey towards excellence took shape during his service in the U.S Army National Guard, where he honed his discipline and leadership skills by conducting PT sessions. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina in 2021, Zack immersed himself in the Fitness Industry. At EarthFit, he shines as a valuable team member, infusing every session with boundless enthusiasm and humor. With certifications as a Speed Agility and Quickness Specialist, as well as Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Kettlebell, Zack brings an impressive array of skills to empower and guide our clients on their wellness odyssey.


Marc, a native of New Zealand with dual citizenship in the U.S., found his way to EarthFit Habersham first as a client and now as a coach, bringing over 15 years of invaluable experience. As the owner of a Design/Build Construction firm, Marc's passion for functional fitness and outdoor activities like mountain biking, running, surfing, and snowboarding has been a driving force in his own journey and the community's growth. Grounded by exercise and strength conditioning, Marc's dedication to well-being has fostered enduring relationships with founding members, continuously embracing our unique approach to overall health.